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The ultimate destination for adventure bike tours in Southern Utah! We specialize in delivering unforgettable experiences that combine the thrill of biking with the breathtaking beauty of the region’s rugged landscapes. At Red Rock Moto Tours, we believe that there’s no better way to explore Southern Utah than on two wheels.

Our expert guides will lead you on exhilarating journeys through majestic canyons, ancient rock formations, and iconic national parks. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, we have the perfect tour for you. We take pride in providing top-of-the-line bikes to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. Our carefully crafted itineraries showcase the best of Southern Utah’s natural wonders.

Spectacular Scenic Destinations

Explore the untamed beauty of Southern Utah and Zion National Park through our exhilarating adventure bike tours. Unleash your inner adventurer as you navigate rugged terrains and experience the thrill of the wild. Join us for an adrenaline-charged journey like no other.

Amazing Touring Motorcycles

At Red Rock Moto Tours we prioritize a perfect fit for your adventure. Our meticulous preparation ensures that every machine performs at its peak, guaranteeing a seamless and trouble-free tour experience. Join us on the road, where your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

What's Provided?

Expert Guides

Guides with knowledge of the area including popular trails as well as unique local finds.

Bikes We Use


Gear / Protection

Helmets & Riding Jackets available for rent when setting up your reservation.

Camp Set Up

Our Multi Day Packages are available when setting up your reservation.

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Why Choose Red Rock Moto Tours
For Your Next Adventure

With years of experience and extensive knowledge of the region, Red Rock Moto Tours is your trusted partner in discovering the hidden gems of Zion National Park and Southern Utah. Our team consists of passionate locals who are well-versed in the area’s terrain, ensuring a safe and immersive adventure tailored to your preferences..
At Red Rock Moto Tours, we understand that reliable equipment is paramount for a successful and enjoyable tour. That’s why we provide top-of-the-line motorcycles and gear that undergo rigorous maintenance and inspections to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey. You can trust our fleet to deliver a smooth and thrilling ride.
Red Rock Moto Tours believes that every adventurer is unique, which is why we offer customizable itineraries to cater to your specific interests and skill level. Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking adrenaline-pumping trails or a beginner looking for a scenic and leisurely route, our expert guides will curate a tour that aligns with your desires, allowing you to create memories that will last a lifetime.
Beyond the captivating landscapes, Red Rock Moto Tours goes the extra mile to immerse you in the local culture and history. Our knowledgeable guides will share fascinating anecdotes about the area’s rich heritage and introduce you to hidden gems that showcase the true essence of Zion National Park and Southern Utah. Prepare to be enchanted by both the natural wonders and the vibrant communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer rides for all skill levels from beginner to advanced levels.

You must have a current and valid motorcycle license.

Yes! We offer pick up from St. George airport (SGU) and there are shuttles from Las Vegas airport (LAS).

Rides can be customized but typically 6 riders.

Yes! Red Rock Moto Tours offers helmets and jackets in assortment of sizes. These are available for rent when you make your reservation.